Our Leaders & Stakeholders

Our team offers decades of real estate and investment management experience.

Our Leaders & Stakeholders

Meet the key team members who propel Champion every day.

Headshot of Brian Yeager

Brian Yeager

Chairman & CEO

Headshot of Michelle Yeager-Thornton

Michelle Yeager-Thornton

Vice Chairwoman & President

  • Headshot of Tara McIntosh

    Tara McIntosh

    Human Resources Director

    Headshot of Kurtis Murfield

    Kurtis Murfield

    Maintenance Training Manager

    Headshot of Brittni Wilkerson

    Brittni Wilkerson

    Training & Compliance Manager

  • Headshot of Britany Lovins

    Britany Lovins

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Headshot of Jason McIntosh

    Jason McIntosh

    Creative Marketing Specialist

    Headshot of Kristen Weber

    Kristen Weber

    Communications & Brand Director

    Headshot of Jenna Thomas

    Jenna Thomas

    Marketing & Communications Coordinator

  • Headshot of David Hatcher

    David Hatcher

    Chief Construction Officer

    Headshot of Ryan Lithgo

    Ryan Lithgo

    Senior Project Coordinator

    Headshot of Don Noble

    Don Noble

    Site Supervisor

    Headshot of Megan Agriesti

    Megan Agriesti

    Interior & Spatial Design Manager

    Headshot of Meredith Higgins

    Meredith Higgins

    Director of Architecture & Design

  • Headshot of Steve Doyle

    Steve Doyle

    CFO & Executive Vice President

    Headshot of Brett Tinnes

    Brett Tinnes

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Headshot of Kevin Murphy

    Kevin Murphy

    Vice President of Finance

    Headshot of Justin Wackerman

    Justin Wackerman

    Vice President of Finance

    Headshot of Ken Mantini

    Ken Mantini

    Senior Financial Analyst

    Headshot of Patrick Kershner

    Patrick Kershner

    Junior Financial Analyst

  • Headshot of Brian Hoar

    Brian Hoar

    Chief Investment Officer

    Headshot of Steve Doyle

    Steve Doyle

    CFO & Executive Vice President

    Headshot of Tom Bently

    Tom Bently

    Chief Asset Management Officer

    Headshot of Mike Mayhew

    Mike Mayhew

    Vice President of Investments

    Headshot of Nicole Sattler

    Nicole Sattler

    Investment Associate

  • Headshot of Caroline Worley

    Caroline Worley

    Chief Legal Officer

    Headshot of Johnna Evans

    Johnna Evans

    General Counsel

    Headshot of Matt Zeiger

    Matt Zeiger

    Of Counsel

  • Headshot of Kelli Berner

    Kelli Berner

    Chief Operating Officer

    Headshot of Jenny Donnellon

    Jenny Donnellon

    Executive Vice President of Rental Operations

    Headshot of Jon McMillen

    Jon McMillen

    Chief Maintenance Officer

    Headshot of Shawn Sass

    Shawn Sass

    Vice President of Maintenance Operations

    Headshot of Lucas Hatton

    Lucas Hatton

    Vice President of Maintenance Operations

    Headshot of Kenny Wells

    Kenny Wells

    Vice President of Rental Operations

    Headshot of Meredith Wolf

    Meredith Wolf

    Vice President of Rental Operations

    Headshot of Brad Clapp

    Brad Clapp

    Senior Vice President of Rental Operations

    Headshot of Andy Hager

    Andy Hager

    Area Maintenance Supervisor

    Headshot of Brian Speece

    Brian Speece

    Area Maintenance Supervisor

    Headshot of Andy Bell

    Andy Bell

    Commercial Maintenance Manager

  • Headshot of Bridget Murphy

    Bridget Murphy

    Chief Administrative Officer

    Headshot of Amanda Titus

    Amanda Titus

    Office Manager

    Headshot of Kenzie Cruey

    Kenzie Cruey

    Front Desk Manager

  • The following individuals are our most tenured leaders on the property level. As Senior Community Managers, these individuals have been involved in nearly every aspect of our business, leading lease-ups, acquisitions, dispositions, renovations and more. They are often empowered to train others, lead our largest teams, and make high-level policy decisions on behalf of the properties they manage. We are proud to highlight them for their time at Champion, their leadership by example, and their emulation of Champion’s six core principles every day in their work.

    Headshot of Lindsey Stevens

    Lindsey Stevens

    Headshot of Jennifer Foote

    Jennifer Foote

    Headshot of Adam Carrocci

    Adam Carrocci

    Headshot of Megan Seffernick

    Megan Seffernick

    Headshot of Beau Williamson

    Beau Williamson

    Headshot of Bobby Schmitz

    Bobby Schmitz

    Headshot of Tim Klunk

    Tim Klunk

    Headshot of Whitney Kossoudji

    Whitney Kossoudji

    Headshot of Erin Ross

    Erin Ross

    Headshot of Halley Ross

    Halley Ross

    Headshot of Meg Ryan

    Meg Ryan

    Headshot of Tyler Miesse

    Tyler Miesse

    Headshot of Nick Fell

    Nick Fell

    Headshot of Nathan Robles

    Nathan Robles