Joining the Team

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Did you receive a job offer? Congratulations! We hope you decide to join our award-winning team. Here’s what you can expect in your first 90 days with Champion:


Extensive on the Job Training

We’ll take the time to ensure you are fully prepared to be successful in your new role. We have found that our team members start to get the hang of the role 90 days in, but really feel confident in their abilities 6 months in. In addition to the training you’ll receive from being on site, you will have consistent access to our experienced industry leaders who are a great resource when learning the industry. 


Mentorship Program

At Champion, we’re proud of the Mentorship Program we’ve implemented. When you begin your new role, you’ll get to select a mentor that you will meet with on a regular basis for your first 6 months with Champion. Your mentor is a great person to talk through any challenges or big wins as you get situated in your new role. 


Coffee with Compliance

Coffee with Compliance is a once-monthly meeting that is required for all Champion team members who have been with the company 12 months or less. It is open to anyone, however, who wants to come discuss a specific topic or get specific questions answered to help you excel in your daily work.


Breakfast Check-Ins

Breakfast Check-Ins were created for new team members to engage with other new hires and build relationships. Often, Breakfast Check-Ins include a topic that will be helpful as you are learning your new role and a fun game that will help you learn about Champion’s culture!


Tips for Success (ie. What we need from you)

  • When you’re All In for Champion, Champion will be All In for you. What does being All In mean, exactly? It means cheering on every team member around you, it means being flexible and adaptable to new opportunities and challenges, and it means owning your 20 sq. ft. each and every day, understanding that when you’re giving your very best to your role, you’re making the organization as a whole its very best.